Areas Of Practice

Premises Liability

Property owners have certain obligations under local, state and federal laws. While these laws vary, the basic underlying fact of them is similar regardless of where you live: property owners have an obligation to keep their land and the buildings on top of it safe for authorized visitors and those with business there. When they fail to do so, innocent people can suffer devastating personal injuries.

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Truck Accidents

When you’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck, often it is difficult to know what you should do to protect yourself and your family. The first step should be doing research on finding the best attorney for a truck collision case. After that, the following are guidelines for what to do after being hit by an 18-wheeler. Here are tips on what to do after an injury accident with a big rig 18-wheeler.

Car Accidents

Many commuters rely on cars every day. Unfortunately, even the most attentive and careful drivers can be injured in a car accident caused by a single negligent person. For If you suffered a personal injury because of a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation.

Wrongful Termination

Colorado is an at-will employment state, so determining if a termination was wrongful can be confusing. It is best to speak to an experienced employment law attorney, who can examine your facts to see if your firing was wrongful. When the termination is based upon an illegal or unlawful rationale, We can assist you in seeking compensation for the losses you have sustained due to your wrongful termination.

Pedestrian accidents

Fatal pedestrian accidents are too common and sadly most pedestrian accidents are largely preventable. They often occur because drivers of cars, trucks, motorcycles and golf carts fail to responsibly share the road with pedestrians or respect their rights. If you have suffered injuries after being hit by a car while walking, or if you have lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, Schaffer Law can help you seek justice. We are committed to pursuing just compensation for pedestrian accident victims and their families. Call or reach us online today. We can discuss your case with a free consultation