Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

Colorado is an at-will employment state, so determining if a termination was wrongful can be confusing. It is best to speak to an experienced employment law attorney, who can examine your facts to see if your firing was wrongful. When the termination is based upon an illegal or unlawful rationale, We can assist you in seeking compensation for the losses you have sustained due to your wrongful termination.


In certain situations, a previous complaint by the employee may be the cause of the termination, such as a sexual harassment or discrimination accusation. If you have lodged a complaint of this nature and are concerned that you may be retaliated against, we may be able to take preventative actions and help you retain your job.


We provide tailored and thorough representation to individuals who have experienced workplace discrimination. These types of situations can lead to a hostile work environment, leaving the employee unable to effectively complete his or her job-related tasks.

State and federal discrimination laws impose the obligation on employers to treat employees equally in the hiring, terminating, promoting, disciplining, and all other aspects of employment. Some of the types of protected classifications include:

• Age discrimination
• National origin/race discrimination
• Disability discrimination
• Gender/sex discrimination
• Pregnancy discrimination

Employees who are discriminated against or harassed based on their protected class, may be entitled to recover damages for emotional distress, lost wages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees. These cases are complex and complaints may need to be filed with the EEOC prior to bringing an action in court. Our experienced discrimination lawyers can explain the process and discuss your likelihood of success.

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