Truck Accidents

When you’ve been hit by an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck, often it is difficult to know what you should do to protect yourself and your family. The first step should be doing research on finding the best attorney for a truck collision case. After that, the following are guidelines for what to do after being hit by an 18-wheeler. Here are tips on what to do after an injury accident with a big rig 18-wheeler.

With very serious injury or wrongful death crashes, the investigating officer will usually thoroughly examine the scene itself. This would include measurements and document by photographs. For truck accidents where the injuries are not devastating, the investigating officer might do a detailed scene analysis. If you can take photographs with your cell phone at the scene on your own, do so. Especially important would be photographs of the vehicles in their final resting positions and also any skid marks or debris that indicates the direction of the vehicles before or after impact.

Usually, the defense will hire an accident reconstruction expert that will attempt to shift the blame from the trucking company and its driver onto the innocent victims or other third parties. Documenting the scene by photographs can help combat this defense technique.

Preserving your own vehicle when the injuries have been severe can be important if your vehicle may have had a defect that contributed to the accident or the injuries. Also, your own vehicle may be important to help determine how the accident occurred. You should always talk with an attorney before your vehicle is totaled out or repaired if injuries were involved.